⚙️ PerformanceKit

Better game performance using device-specific default settings and post-processing of builds.

With great accessibility come great challenges (but of the good kind:exclamation:)

Trail makes games ultra-accessible, allowing you to reach out to more users and new audiences. However, this also means that you cannot expect all users to have a maxed-out gaming PC as you might be able to do on other platforms.

We have designed PerformanceKit with the goal of making sure that all users get the most out of their device (potato computers included) and that your game gives them the best experience they can realistically have.

Recommended settings

One important aspect that is often overlooked is that just by making sure that the game runs with sane default settings, the user experience will be substantially better. This is particularly important for first-time users and to make the most out of the inherent virality that link sharing enables.

Since adjusting the resolution is probably the most universal way to get more performance out of a device, we have started by making PerformanceKit provide you a recommended resolution based on the hardware specs of the user's device.

We are also planning to implement similar features for other relevant quality settings as well.


When you upload a game on Trail, it automatically goes through Post-Processing. This consists of a series of patches, code optimization, and asset compression to ensure that your game loads and runs as fast as possible.

The code optimization and asset compression take a few minutes to run but do not worry, you can still launch the game even before they are finished. Just keep in mind that the game will run slower and loading times will be longer.


Changing the resolution in Unity WebGL

If you have any experience with Unity WebGL, you might be aware that switching resolutions the standard way does not really work on WebGL builds.

But thanks to our Post-Processing, we have an alternative way to do that :grinning: Check out the SetResolution method in the Unity SDK reference.


This article is incomplete

We are still working on finishing this article, we're aiming to have it ready by the end of August 2020.

For the time being, feel free to have a look at the relevant references below or reach out to our support or to our developers on Discord.

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⚙️ PerformanceKit

Better game performance using device-specific default settings and post-processing of builds.

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