Zero friction gaming

Native quality gaming. Right in your browser.

Native quality

We're bringing native quality gaming to your browser. Enjoy high quality games in the same way you watch YouTube.

Instant play

Jump straight into the action with a single click. Trail brings you true gaming on-demand.

Free to play

Trail’s service is completely free, no subscription required. However, games on Trail may sell optional in-app purchases.

Progressive download

Start playing while the game downloads, and don’t worry about disk space or file clutter on your hard drive.

No installations

Installations are a thing of the past. Thanks in part to our technology, games are played directly in the browser.

Easier than watching YouTube

Try new games within seconds with just a click. Gaming has never been this simple.

Multiplayer made simple

Invite anyone to your party or match with just a link.

Why Trail?

F2P distribution reinvented

  • Unbeatable accessibility & shareability
  • Billions of users a single click away
  • Unity support
  • Comprehensive analytics

Our investors

Making Trail possible

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