👪 PartyKit

Create instant invite links that directly put your players in the same party or match.

Through PartyKit games are able to create parties that are used by players to send messages to each other. Today, the main functionality of PartyKit is to enable players to send invites to other players. We also have future plans of adding more functionality to PartyKit to connect players even more.

Anatomy of an invite

To understand how invites work, you first need to understand what a party is. A party is a group of players who are able to share data with each other through Trail. A player is always connected to a party whenever they are playing on Trail. And when a player creates an invite, that invite will lead to both the player's party as well as to the game they are playing.

Flow: Friend opening an invite

Currently, the only way of inviting a player is by sharing an invite link (e.g. https://beta.trail.gg/join/xyz123...) through a messaging service like Discord for example. Clicking an invite link will bring the player to a landing page where they will be presented with the invite and the party they are joining.

Landing page presented to incoming players.

On the landing page, the player can decide to start the game. If they decide to do so, they will start sharing data with the other players. Part of this is sending updates to the other party members of their current loading progress, e.g. how much of the game they have downloaded or if they are playing through the required tutorial. For the other party members, the loading messages can be seen as badges in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

A loading message from FriendlyAlpaca.

When the game launches, it is also able to send and receive data from the other game clients. This enables games to direct players to a specific part of the game, such as the inviter's lobby for a shooter game or a level in an adventure game.

Learn how to set up PartyKit for your game by reading the articles below:


This Kit needs activation

Before you can use this Kit, we need to activate it for your game in the backend. Reach out to us either by email or on our Discord and we will get you set up.

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👪 PartyKit

Create instant invite links that directly put your players in the same party or match.

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