🔔️ NotificationsKit

Keep your players in the loop with notifications

Push notifications are great for keeping your players informed of the latest developments in your game, and hopefully, encourage them to come back.

You can use NotificationsKit to request permission, send timely push notifications to your players, and track their delivery with the real-time analytics provided in the Game Manager.

Example of a push notification.

Push notifications are a powerful tool, but they can also damage the user experience if used incorrectly. That is why we are being extra careful and, for the time being, we are limiting notifications to static content.

This means that you need to send us the content of the notification before you can send it to your players. However, we are considering adding more dynamic types of notifications in the future. Besides that, we are also rate-limiting notifications (a few per day) to prevent users from being spammed.


This Kit needs activation

Before you can use this Kit, we need to activate it for your game in the backend. Reach out to us either by email or on our Discord and we will get you set up.


This article is incomplete

We are still working on finishing this article, we're aiming to have it ready by the end of August 2020.

For the time being, feel free to have a look at the relevant references below or reach out to our support or to our developers on Discord.

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🔔️ NotificationsKit

Keep your players in the loop with notifications

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