📈️ InsightsKit

Collect and visualize the fundamental metrics of your game.

To build a great game, you first need to understand your audience, and that starts with some basic analytics data.

When it comes to analytics, perhaps the biggest difference compared to other platforms is that on Trail you are able to see the complete picture of your user-acquisition funnel. From the moment the user clicks a link to your game and until the game finishes loading. This also includes attribution, so you can answer perhaps the most important question about your game: where are your users coming from? Perhaps they are coming from a successful ad campaign? Or is it by user-shared links on Discord? Or maybe your game was featured by a popular Twitch streamer? Either way, we will let you know.

In addition to this, we also cover other fundamental metrics focusing on retention, conversion, monetization, error rates and performance.


Still under development 👷‍♂️

Tools for visualizing the analytics are still under development and we are hoping to be able to provide it to game developers in the third quarter of 2020.


This article is incomplete

We are still working on finishing this article, we're aiming to have it ready by the end of August 2020.

For the time being, feel free to have a look at the relevant references below or reach out to our support or to our developers on Discord.

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📈️ InsightsKit

Collect and visualize the fundamental metrics of your game.

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